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Leah Welsh - Highland Dance Tuition

Leah was a prominent and accomplished Highland Dancer on the NZ circuit, and is now pleased to offer top class tuition, specialising in the NZ Academy of Highland and National Dancing technique.  Lessons are available in Newlands / Tawa, please contact Leah for more information.

Leah has won many titles throughout NZ, and is excited to offer lessons to new and aspiring Highland Dancers. 


She will take you through the basics of such dances as The Highland Fling, Sailors Hornpipe, The Irish Jig and many more and progress you onto more intricate steps as you develop as a dancer.

Here is a great video of Leah performing at the Virginia Tattoo in the USA

Leah and Alice

Highland Dancing is not only an incredible fitness tool, it is a great way to meet new people, and make lifelong friends the world over.

Please contact her via Email,

or Mobile: 02108323612. 


Otherwise feel free to use the contact page to find out more.

Highland Pumps available to purchase soon!

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